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Natural Health Connections Testimonials

Bret D. Belko, Fountain Hills, AZ

Dear Dr. Lilie,

I don't quite know how to thank you adequately for your help with my health care. As you know, me being a male, I was reluctant to call you at the suggestion of a female friend. How could you possibly know what I needed or what I was going through? I had heard of female menopause, but had no idea that men too, could suffer from the very same symptoms.

When I finally made the decision to call you 6 weeks ago (out of desperation), I was on the brink. I was suffering from night sweats, anxiety, chest pain, fatigue, lack of sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. All of these conditions and more were overwhelming me, and I even questioned whether life was worth living feeling this way.

Through your guidance, patience and compassion, and your expert medical advice, you have helped me beyond words. The hormone cream you put together has literally taken away the night sweats, and I am now sleeping the WHOLE night through.

The special tincture you made for my heart has stopped the pain and allowed me to sleep more deeply at night. And the customized tea you made with herbs and flowers has helped my nerves to calm down and my outlook to improve considerably since I’ve been drinking it.

Along with these positive results has come a sense of peace. I believe this is due to not only the medical help you have given me, but the fact that you have LISTENED very carefully to me and heard my cry for help.

As someone who has seen many doctors for years as I battled depression and anxiety, I can say it is rare to be HEARD by one’s physician. YOU are the exception! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening, caring, and helping me through one of the darkest times of my life. I will continue to follow your direction as I now have something I haven’t had before…HOPE! I know my health will continue to improve under your professional care.

Warmly and with much gratitude,


Karen Reinhardt, Phoenix, AZ
When I found Dr. Lilie it seemed that someone answered my prayers.

For years I had struggled with mood swings, feeling like I didn't belong in my own skin, water retention and any other symptoms that were common in a woman who had hormonal imbalances. My weight spiraled up and down and I was tired of hearing doctors tell me it was all in my head. The doctors that I dealt with wanted to put me on estrogen and call it a day. Unfortunately straight estrogen only made my symptoms worse. After I relocated to the Phoenix area I was very fortunate to get a recommendation to Dr. Lillie.

Talking about a life changing experience! When I went to see Dr. Lillie I was already on bio-identical hormones but she helped me fine tune them. I had been taking my prescription wrong and she was the one who figured that out. She asked questions and listened to my answers so together we could come up with a treatment plan that would fit ME. How lovely is that! For the first time I was speaking to someone who felt my pain and wanted to help me find the answers for ME.

I had been prescribed every type of high cholesterol medication on the market and nothing seemed to work. But when I found Dr. Lillie she helped me get my cholesterol levels down through a natural treatment plan.

Today I feel incredible! I feel better today than I did in my youth and I have Dr. Lillie to thank for that.

Cookie Bell, age 58, Youngstown, Ohio
Dr. Lilie,

I want to thank you for giving me my life back. I have suffered with menopause and all of it's cursed symptoms for over 15 years, hot flashes, depression, irritability, weight gain, and insomnia. Since your intervention and the bioidentical hormone therapy you started me on, I feel wonderful and for the first time in years the symptoms are gone including the insomnia and I can look forward to my birthday this year with hope, happiness, and optimism. You are a godsend. Keep up the good work to help others as you have helped me.